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Oct 17, 2012 5:00pm EDT
chief of long beach and oakland, california, but that's all anybody knows about him. tonight scan sill will get a chance to ask questions about the chief. here's video of him. he was nominated by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake back in august. he has been getting to know the city and a lot of the problems. many council members say he knows some of the problems. the council said he can ping where commissioner fred bealefeld left off. >> we have to focus, go back and have a greater focus on community engagement and property crimes, burglaries, robberies, thingses that impact the family, things that make them move ot or not come to the city. >> reporter: according to the councilman, he said one of the things he did do is he drove with him for about two hours where he identified a lot of the problems. he said some of the things are the small crimes that irritate people. so that's some of the questions he has to find out what he's going to do to solve some of the personal crimes. the hearing started about a minute ago. we'll hopefully have sound from anthony bats coming up. that is the setup
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, final destination is at the california science center. >>> take a look at this, looking back, giant eyeball washed up on the beach in florida, the size of a softball. the fish and wildlife organization took it to a lab to try to find out what it is, what it belongs to. it's going to take time, it could be from a squid or a giant fish like a tuna or a swordfish or a shark. >>> raccoons are nosey creatures. this one got his head stuck in a pickle jar. crews tried to coax him off of the telephone pole. he was too scared. he came down on his own and they managed to free him. >>> the local teen shot during the first day of school continues to gain more support. >> now baltimore's official soccer team is throwing support behind daniel. how they are fighting bull will ing and why and how you can help. >>> warning about threats facing our nation. why tanks and soldiers won't be able to protect us from this attack. >> reporter: i'm wyatt everhart at the maryland zoo, live. wonder what the secret is to staying robust? she may have the answer. back with a live report. >>> there is no evidence
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >>> thieves wanted the cash out of this atm in california, so they took the whole thing. surveillance shows the man breaking in tie as tow attached to a vehicle outside and they yairchgd the machine right out of the store leaving behind a mess. police said this crime obviously was planned out. >> it doesn't appear it was at the whim but they decided to go in there. they knew what they wanted and they wanted that atm machine. >> the owner is also out $5,000 that he paid for the machine and paid thousands for the repairs. >>> we're used to seeing this birds on the design are table at thanksgiving but not wandering around our neighborhood. more than 100 turkeys have invaded town. some neighbors started feeding the birds and now they won't go away. city officials said they may have to start trapping the turkeys and moving them to a different location. >>> coming up, it was the security breach at one of the nation's airports. >> now they want to know how he was able to do it before anybody noticed. >>> texting while driving, we know is against the law, but today some area teens were allowe
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
for schools to band one of your kid's favorite snack. districts in california and new mexico are trying to keep flaming hot cheetos out of school. they said the concern is over nutritional value. in one district hot cheetos are no longer allowed. >> if children want to bring in snacks high in fat, high in calories, they cran do that but we willment be providing them. >> experts say on top of the salt and fat, hot cheetos can be addicted. kids have held competitions on who can eat the most the fastest. so what do you think? should hot cheetos be banned in your school? log on to our facebook page and let us know where you stand. >> i wonder if you can have the regular cheetos. kids who are the first to i tend college -- attend college have obstacles, but a local nonprofit is helping out. the baltimore education trust helps students. not only do they support kids in high school but through enrolling in college and beyond. >> it's in the just about their enrollment in college. our job is to get them graduated and make sure jobs are waiting. these kids in baltimore, they are our next
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4